No Friends Of Harry


Formed in Johannesburg in 1986, N.F.O.H. rightly claim the title of South Africa's first and most influential alternative/goth band, thanks to heavy rotation (primarily on Barney Simon's Shadow Show on Radio 5) and constant live appearances.
Fiercely independent and driven by Annette McLennan's insistent drumming and husband Rob's deep, growling vocals, the band released three albums ("One Came Running" (1987), "Into The Valley" (1989) on Principal, and "Fifteen Seconds" (1991) on Clear Cut) and finally the "Fly By Night" compilation before calling it quits in September 1998 when their bassist emigrated to Scotland.

Rob McLennan: vocals, guitar
Dave de Vetta: bass
Ian Wiggins: guitar
Annette McLennan: drums
Adrian Hamilton: keyboards / sometimes
Mark Williams: Management / setting fire to things
Members:Adrian Hamilton, Annette McLennan, Dave De Vetta, Ian Wiggins, Rob McLennan
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