Millie Small

Real Name:Millicent Dolly May Small

Jamaican singer, songwriter and actor, known professionally as Millie
Born: 6th October 1946 in Milk River, Clarendon, Jamaica
Died: 5th May 2020 London, England
She went to live with her aunt in Kingston Downtown at the age of 12, she started recording at the age of 16 for Studio One and then Chris Blackwell became her manager in 1963 and she went to live in England the same year where he became her guardian and was at the origin of her worldwide hit "My Boy Lolipop" in 1964 which took her on a world tour
Mother of Jaelee Small. She was awarded the Medal of Recognition in 1987 and made a Commander in the Order of Distinction for her contribution to the Jamaican music industry in 2011.

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In Groups:Jackie And Millie, Owen & Millie, Roy & Millie
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