Sly & The Family Stone


Formed in San Francisco, CA in November 1966 with members:
Sly Stone (b. Sylvester Stewart, 15th March 1943, Denton, TX)
Freddie Stone (b. 5th June 1946, Vallejo, CA)
Cynthia Robinson (b. 12th January 1946, Sacramento, CA - d. 23 November 2015 Carmichael, CA)
Jerry Martini (b. 1st October 1943, Denver CO)
Larry Graham (b. 14th August 1946, Beaumont, TX)
Greg Errico (b. 1st September 1946, San Francisco, CA)
Rosie Stone (b. 21st March 1945, Vallejo, CA) (joined the original group in January 1968)

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 (Performer). , Wikipedia
Aliases:The French Fries
Members:Andy Newmark, Bill Lordan, Cynthia Robinson, Dawn Silva, Freddie Stewart, Gerry Gibson (2), Greg Errico, Jerry Martini, Johnny Colla, Larry Graham, Lynn Mabry, Pat Rizzo, Rose Stewart, Rusty Allen, Sid Page, Sylvester Stewart, Vet Stewart




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