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Carlos Perón is a Swiss musician, born on 9 June 1952 in Zürich, Switzerland. Perón started as keyboard player with the New Wave band Urland before he and Boris Blank started collaborating in his first studio. Some of these early recordings have been published as Tranceonic. In 1978 both travelled to the USA and visited Ralph Records who wanted to sign them immediately. After meeting Dieter Meier they started a trio under the name Yello with a first 12" on a local label before getting back to Ralph Records. Perón stayed with Yello until early 1983.

In 1981 he had already released his first solo album Impersonator and during 1983 the hugely successful soundtrack to Die Schwarze Spinne featuring the first version of his signature track Komtur. He continued with releases & soundtracks crossing from experimental music to electro pop. During the 1980s he also established himself as a producer and studio manager, and he also established his own publishing company, Eisenberg. One of the acts he produced in 1991, Wolfsheim, was a stepping stone in becoming regularly associated and befriended with the independent Strange Ways Records which released many of his productions and his projects until the early 2000s. Perón was also involved in some other projects like AMX 40 or Dark Ruler.

A special sublabel 10.000 Zippers exists to compensate with his success as producer for erotic fetish orientated scores. Perón also worked on a number of commercials as audio producer and also continued releasing soundtracks for novels, theatre & performances. Trying all variants of electro this has led to an impressive and varied discography. In 2017 an extensive autobiographical interview book was released with an accompanying album, titled Electro Shaman. , Bandcamp , Imdb , Wikipedia
Aliases:Carlos Snyder
In Groups:909, Aborted At Line 6, Carlos Peron's Satyriasis, Concise (2), Dark Ruler, Imperium, Inca Hunters, Interrupted Transmission, Nanga Parbat, Silent Persuasion, Sulphur Sky, Terminatrix, The Dark Side Of Syd, Tranceonic, United Stars, Vashti Tralfamadore, Yello
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