Tony Thomas

Real Name:Antony Thomas

UK based producer and owner of several labels, including Telepathy Records, Moxi Records, Ambiosphere Recordings, New Era Recordings, Cubic Records, Progress Recordings, Shiva Records. Has produced countless releases and remixes on over 100 labels worldwide under at least 40 different aliases over a 20 year period, as well as many collaborations. Has performed and DJ'd in over 40 countries.

Tony Thomas (2) Credited as guitarist and vocalist on black music releases, for example Parliament, Funkadelic ...
Tony Thomas (3) Reggae musician, credited for playing percussion, keyboard, as producer and so on.
Tony Thomas (4) Lead guitarist of the UK punk band Impact (14), active in the early 80s.
Tony Thomas (5) Producer & credited for Liner Notes
Tony Thomas (6) Piano player from Memphis, TN.
Tony Thomas (7) Has one writer credit
Tony Thomas (9) Credited as a video producer 2002 in the UK.
Tony Thomas (10) Member of The Pastels (2), sometimes credited as co-writter for 'Been So Long'.
Tony Thomas (11) Released one US funk 12" EP in 1989
Tony Thomas (12) Was a member of the Minneapolis punk band Man Afraid (2).
Tony Thomas (13) US - Texas / Oklahoma - country musician from the 60s. , Soundcloud , MySpace , Facebook
Aliases:Astraglide, Dan Soden, Gordon Truerock, Jak Jaxon, Lee Nova, Morpheus Project, Rephlektor, Synaptic, The Tony Thomas Experience, Toxic (8)
In Groups:Arcana (3), Bandit (12), Co Ca, Force Of Nature (2), Glass Walker, Hystrix, Jihad (2), Karakas, Kodiak, Life Force, Melt (3), N.T.T., Nebula II, Psyclan, Red Moon, Self Esteem, Sitric, Spy (5), Sub Quaker, The Producers
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