Richard III

French Post Punk band from Antony, suburbs of Paris 1982 - 1988

They began repeating as The Riva with Tibor playing punk rock and 60’s garage.
They were close friends with Bikini (who also lived in Antony).
The group changed its name to Richard III and really started in 1982 as a trio.
The line up became :
Jean-Marc : Voice & Guitar
Pierre-Yves : Bass
Franck : Drums
They were into Buzzcocks, Damned, Jam, Clash, Skids, Wire, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Zounds, Sisters of Mercy, mostly English bands…
They played around 40 gigs, with Bérurier Noir, Bikini, Les Cadavres, Die Bunker, Les Endimanchés, Guernica, Les Innocents, Lucrate Milk, Les Maitres, Nuclear Device, Orchestre Rouge, Shock Corridor, Spotch Forcey, The Brigades, Warum Joe, Wunderbach, and many more french groups…
And, Joe King Carasco !
They became "worldwide famous" in 1984 thanks to their presence on Crass Records Bullshit Detector n°3 !
In 1985 Stephane replaced Franck on drums (who went on synth).
In 1986 Franck left and Claude (Jean Marc's brother) came on synth.
They splitted in February 1988, when the parisian gig they were supposed to play with Stiff Little Fingers and The Brigades was cancelled due to the Stiff Little Fingers splitting…


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