T.B. Arthur ForThoseThatKnoe

January 21, 2015
Seriously who is this guy? Absolutely insaaaaaane material here. No nonsense, no trendy crap. This is proper.

T.B. Arthur puschi

August 29, 2017
soundwise it would also match with donato dozzy

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T.B. Arthur Onder_stroom

April 13, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
I've kind of detectived my way on the person behind it. My Guess would be Eric Cloutier. You can see that he wears a shirt on a Boiler Room recording on april 15th 2016 with 'Je Parle Acid' with the phone number of one of the TB Arthur Series ( The Je Parle Acid shirt is for sale now but was not earlier and certainly not with the phone number added which he wears there and is mentioned on the first three EP's. I admit that it's not the best detective work I've ever conducted but it seems viable! :)

T.B. Arthur ajewa

April 6, 2016
as far as i know he was playing/performing/showcasing (not sure in which way it took place) in berlin last weekend at superbooth. maybe some will find an answer from people having been there.

T.B. Arthur chava

November 23, 2015
sounds like thomas brinkmann to me

T.B. Arthur kuzan

September 21, 2015
somesay it's burial