Electronic project from the USA. Formed in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as a solo project of Matthew Jeanes, later expanded to the duo with Matthew Jeanes' longtime friend and collaborator Bryan Meng, who focused on the film and video aspect of Larvae live shows.

Later relocated to Austin, Texas, USA.

In 2004 expanded to the trio with the addition of Christopher Burnett.

Since late 2008 Larvae again became a solo project of Matthew Jeanes.

In 2009 and 2012 respectively Larvae has shortly became a duo with A. Reeves, but became a solo project of Matthew Jeanes again.

Since 2022 Larvae became a band again as a duo of Matthew Jeanes and Christopher Burnett.

Matthew Jeanes - electronics, guitar (1997-present)
Christopher Burnett - electronics (2004-2008, 2022-present)

Former members:
Bryan Meng - live visualization (2000-2008)
A. Reeves - electronics (2009, 2012)

Sites:Bandcamp , MySpace , YouTube
Members:A. Reeves (2), Bryan Meng, Christopher Burnett (2), Matthew Jeanes


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