Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin

Real Name:Jonathan Richard Cooper

In 1994, Jon turned his hand to music production and made his first record, ‘Passion’ – a cover of the Bobby O production by The Flirts. The record was produced with Pizzaman (aka Norman Cook) who released it on his label, Southern Fried. The track was soon picked up by East West and later by Perfecto – going onto selling 12,000 copies and reaching no. 26 in the charts. Jon’s follow up record in 1995, ‘Give Me Strength’ was written & co-produced with Sister Bliss and also hit the top 30. Jon Pleased followed his pop success in the late 90’s by delivering remixes for the likes of Divine, Erasure, Pierre Henri and even Chris Rea.

In 1997, Jon decided he’d had enough. He became disheartened by DJing at so many clubs that he wasn’t passionate about. In short, he craved something different. Jon ditched the drag and stopped running his Pleased night, deciding instead to concentrate on playing more eclectic sets at smaller clubs. One night whilst DJing at 93 Feet East with Jacques Lu Cont a few years later, Jon handed Wall of Sound’s head honcho, Mark Jones, a demo from behind the decks. Mark had been a regular at Pleased in the mid 90’s and knew Jon’s music well.
In 2001, Mark signed Jon up as a Wall of Sound DJ and artist under Jon’s new moniker, The Visitor. Last year, Jon moved away from London to Edinburgh. He now juggles his DJ schedule with running his own record label, Lovelife!, recording as the Velvet Mafia, and running his own fashion label, Pleased.

Jon returned to DJing and revived his alter-ego in 2012 and has since re-booted his Pleased nights in London at Dalston Superstore and his weekly Church of High Kicks night in Edinburgh. He toured Australia in 2014 and has played in Dubai and Ibiza in 2015 along with extensive guest spots all over the UK.

He was managed by Krissy Underdown. , Facebook , Facebook , , Mixcloud , Soundcloud , X
Aliases:The Shining, The Visitor (4), Velvet Mafia




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