Ben Ofoedu

Real Name:Benedict Ofoedu

He was born in Hong Kong on the 29th of June and moved with his family to London when he was 2 years old.
In 1988 Ben was in the group Stakka Humanoid & they had a hit with their single "Slam". Then he joined a band called First Impact which was a young rap group. He then became the rapper on Frankie Knuckles remix of "Move Your Body".
In 1993 he teamed up with some friends to become Benz. Big Ben, Tony Thompson (aka Darkboy) & BJ (aka T.I.M. Shade) as Benz were signed to RCA Records. The band went on to have a couple of hits in 1995 "Boom Rock Soul", 1996 "Miss Parker" & "Urban City Girl", 1997 "If I Remember & "On A Sun-Day".
1999 saw Ben become the lead vocalist for Phats & Small. Originally Ben was to be the unknown voice of the singles, but the interest in his fabulous voice was so high that they decided to make him a member of the group.
Ben released a solo single in 2000 called "Your Love". In 2001, he founded the group REDhill along with friends Shane Lynch (ex-Boyzone), Rodney Williams (ex Benz Tour manager) and Mark Brightman (ex Phats & Small Tour Manager). He left the group one year later to joined up with Leigh Guest (Formerly known as Double Trouble (& the Rebel MC)) & Steve to become Intenso Project.
To this day, Ben Ofoedu still records with Phats & Small, Intenso Project and the original members of REDhill in a new group called Four Story.

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Aliases:Big Ben
In Groups:Benz, Big Ben & The Fox, Boyz On Block, First Impact, Intenso Project, Phats & Small
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