Raul Seixas

Real Name:Raul Santos Seixas

Brazilian singer and songwriter, born June 28, 1945 Salvador, BA, died August 21, 1989 in São Paulo, SP. He is frequently called as the "Father of Brazilian Rock" and the "Mad Beauty / Maluco Beleza".

Raul Seixas began his career in the 1960s using the nickname Raulzito as a member and leader of the group The Panthers, renamed Raulzito E Os Panteras in 1964. The group recorded a single album for Odeon in 1967 at the invitation of friend Jerry Adriani, with little expressive sales. In 1969, he started working at CBS in Rio De Janeiro, already signing as Raul Seixas as producer and artistic director. He released in 1971 with his counter-culture mates the Sociedade Da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta: Sessão Das 10, in 1973 the Os 24 Maiores Sucessos Da Era Do Rock under pseudonym Rock Generation and still in 1973 his first solo album, Krig-Ha, Bandolo!
His musical work is composed of 21 albums, released in a 26-year career and his musical style traveled between Rock 'N' Roll, Folk/Country Rock and Ballads of protest and love.
Raul Seixas is frequently associated with "mystical" issues due to the ideals that vindicated, as Alternative Society presented in Gitâ (1974), influenced by figures such as Aleister Crowley. Raul was interested in philosophy (especially metaphysics and ontology), psychology, history, literature and latin language, and some of these beliefs currents were much enjoyed in his work, which had a good or curiosity reception on that account. He managed to enjoy a relatively high audience during his lifetime, and even in the 1980's continued to produce albums that sold well, as Uah-Bap-Lu-Bap-Lah-Béin-Bum! (1987) and A Panela Do Diabo (1989), the latter in partnership with Marcelo Nova. As with so many idols who died prematurely, the search and release of material is intense and has sold very well over the last ~35 years, as well as the re-releases of his works in life.

In October 2008, Rolling Stone Brazil promoted the list of the 100 Greatest Artists of Brazilian Music, whose results put Raul Seixas ranks the 19th position, heading names like [Invalid Artist], [Invalid Artist], [Invalid Artist]. In the previous year, the same magazine promoted the list of the hundred biggest albums of Brazilian music, where his 1973's "Krig-Ha Bandolo" reached the 12th position, demonstrating that the Raul Seixas is still considered a major force of Brazilian rock music.

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Aliases:Raulzito, Rock Generation
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