Conny Plank

Real Name:Konrad Plank

German producer and sound engineer, owner of Conny's Studio, born 3 May 1940 in Hütschenhausen, died from cancer 18 December 1987.

Plank is reputed for being the producer of Kraftwerk's early records, helping to configure their sound.

In 1974 he built his legendary studio near Cologne, where he produced significant krautrock bands such as Neu!, Cluster (almost becoming a member of the band), Ash Ra Tempel, Holger Czukay (Can), and Guru Guru.

As a duo with Dieter Moebius he recorded 4 albums, and during the 1980s his services aided a new generation of electronica influenced artists, such as Devo, Ultravox, Joy Division, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and the Eurythmics.

He has also produced pop and rock artists such as The Scorpions, Clannad, and Killing Joke; and has been called "the Phil Spector of Krautrock".

He was married to Christa Fast. Father of Stephan Plank.

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