Dave John's

Dave John's

Real Name:
David Gourmaud
French dj and music producer from west coast of France, born in 1989, this guy with a taste for english and american art/music culture tries to develop a trendy music about electronic genre and more in the broad sense. He loves that he calls the « black voices » as Diana Ross, Donna Summer... who represented Disco times and surely after that a solid foundation for the very respecful House music. Also, fan of Chicago House music with artists as Marshall Jefferson (« Move Your Body »), Frankie Knuckles (« Your Love », « Baby Wants To Ride »...) or Fingers Inc. creators and founders of House music. Dave John's follows his quest in the discovery of tracks across the huge universe of djs, artists, musicians and singers. His dj sets are regularly revisited according to his influences of the month. Playing in several places from the west coast of France : gigs in bars & clubs, alone, or with others djs friends, his objective is to conciliate vintage and future music. He aims to produce music for all open-minded people who love this and could understand that as a way of life. Here is his «leitmotiv » as a boy born « inside » because of his first steps in nightclubs owned by his father and relatives during his childhood. Finally, his productions are based on space-deep-synth sounds with a preference for Detroit's culture and jazz music. He released on his own music label early in 2016 his first digital album named "Auditorium" with supports from a Detroit's head Gari Romalis, Iorzh Herrera, Korgbrain... That's why, in those days, Dave John's considers that as a duty and tangible claim for Culture. He established early in the 2014's a digital/physik label called Label Barbe with friends and develop different collabs since.


Dave John's Discography Tracks


H-S Dave John's V.A Summer Edition Vol II(File, AIFF, MP3, WAV, Album, Promo) LABEL BARBE H-S France 2016
LB008 Dave John's Auditorium LP(File, MP3, WAV, Album) LABEL BARBE LB008 France 2016
CHI008 Dave John's The Irish Experience EP(File, MP3, WAV, MiniAlbum, EP, Promo) Chikyu-u records CHI008 France 2017
LB011 Dave John's Auditorium LP - The Remixes(10x12", Album, EP, S/Edition) LABEL BARBE LB011 France 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SOFA#23 Dave John's Learning House EP(File, MP3, EP) Sofa Lounge records SOFA#23 USA, Canada & Europe 2013
HR001 Dave John's Clan 90's (Dark Mix)(File, MP3, WAV, EP, Promo) House Running HR001 Belgium 2014
H-S Dave John's Ideal Dip(File, MP3, WAV, EP, Promo) LABEL BARBE H-S France 2015


H-S Dave John's Clouds Over(File, MP3, WAV, Promo) LABEL BARBE H-S France 2016