Furi Anga

Furi Anga

Real Name:Antti Viitamäki

"1981 born father of 4 children.
Furi Anga alias Antti Viitamäki is a deep soul explorer from Finland, Scandinavia. Listening to his music one gets transported into a melancholic fairy world – sometimes true and beautiful, sometimes dark and grotesque. He gets heavy influences from ascetic finnish nature.

Cold scandinavian moods delivered in a form of drum and bass

Truly inspired by the scandinavian cold weather and nature. Furi Anga, started his musical career in age of 17. After huge listening to different genres Antti had landed drum and bass as his main genre. Antti has always been outside of the populism in music.

Furi Anga, has released 5 self-funded cd-r:s so far (Comatarium, Tuulenvartija, Blackvegas) and (Succisa pratensis as ambienet project) and (Orion as downtempo project together with J.Jylhä)

Years 07-09 were good and productive times. Furi Anga got his first vinyl single out on Phil Aslett’s Vampire Records along with his good friend RESOUND.

2010 has been a major move for me." , Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud
Aliases:Antti Viitamäki, Kide
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