Ektomorf is a Groove Metal band formed in 1994 by vocalist/guitarist Zoltán Farkas in Hungary, Mezõkovácsháza. The band has taken a long road to its way to succeed: after releasing 3 records and touring around in Hungary for many years, Ektomorf took the chance to go international, bringing their heavy grooves and harsh lyrics for all the people around the globe. The mix of groove, thrash, hardcore and traditional gipsy music got recognized by many, and success was provided by their legendary energetic and destructive stage performances – wich made Ektomorf not only the most famous hungarian metal-act, but also one of the leading artist in their genre. Signed by Nuclear Blast, producing their hit albums like ’Destroy’, ’Instinct’ and ’Outcast’ it was proven that Ektomorf can’t go wrong with their powerful, groovy style, and kept on walking the same line while adding more melodies and traditional accoustic elements, proving their critics that there’s a next level to elevate to. After changing record label and getting signed by AFM Records the band released their 2010 recording ’Redemption’, wich was another relentless manifestation of the monster what’s being feeded by anger, hate and social criticism, with a touch of human soul.

As part of their passion project, and searching for something unusual, they've produced one of the most interresting record, wich showed a rarely known side of the band – ’The Accoustic’ presented a suprise for the fans of groove metal by being an experimental album consisting covers, new and old songs written and re-recorded „unplugged”.

This step has helped the quartett to reach out to their non-traditional fanbase - with a couple of exclusive accoustic shows and radio performances the Ektomorf was again in the spotlight. Taken from that album, the video of ’To Smoulder’ took a rise being played daily in mainstream media.

Later that year Ektomorf released their new album, wich follows the traditional way for the band – but still some new elements reaching surface on it. ’Black Flag’ offers 50 minutes of massive grooves, unforgetable melodies, and new, even more sophisticated sound – courtesy of Tue Madsen, Ektomorf’s long time producer and friend, who travelled to Hungary in a sake for recording yet another masterpiece in the band’s home studio.

In January 2014 the band will release their new studio album, titled as ‘RETRIBUTION’. Again, with producer Tue Madsen the hungarian groove-metal beast continues to impress with its huge sound and intense, powerful songs, wich many of the press already labeled as their best album so far. 14 tracks of brutal honest songs, presumably many of them will be huge hits on any dancefloor or live event!

Earthshaking grooves with a critical, energetic message – Ektomorf will break down all the walls and unite people on the dancefloor around the world, from the smallest clubs to the biggest festivals.

Zoltán Farkas
Tamás Schrottner
Szabolcs Murvai
Gergely Tarin
Róbert Jaksa