Nena Kapone

Real Name:Angelina Mapp

Artist Bio
NEna KapOne is a Rap/R&b music artist who originates from the streets of Tacoma Washington. At age 11 NEna set the tone for her career in music by dominating an open Mic contest which included personal massacres of some of the most hardened gang members from two of the most notorious inner city gangs known as the crips and bloods. The tension was already high in the little studio on ponders down in Lakewood and then it happened total quietness when little NEna step to the Mic you could hear the whispers (what's she doing here? she's too young!). She then began personal attacks on the most talented rappers from both sides nonstop from one to the other, going back and forth free styling a direct response to all that grace the Mic before her. The crowd was stunned, simply blown away and then it ended just as it had started, nothing but silence, until the crowd exploded in excitement as if a star had just been born. At that moment her dreams were becoming a reality at the mere age of 11 she had just shut down an open Mic contest and won. Hands down! Man down! NEna had just out gangster-ed all the so called hard core gangster rappers and at that moment I thought what and who was ever that gangster other than the infamous Al Capone at that instance NEna KapOne was born and became a made woman in the underground world of gangster rap.
Today NEna KapOne is a 26 year old independent female music artist with 14 years strong in the underground rap music scene. NEna is making her mark in today's music industry with (SDE) Sumtin Different Entertainment. NEna KapOne Is very passionate about her music, any person who hears her songs can definitely sense in her Music that she has a strong Message for the people. In other words, she is very inspiring and is currently one of the head leaders of a movement called K.O.E (Klowns Over Everything). She is the first lady of K.O.E. the Ace of heart is her card symbol. In K.O.E they paint their faces to resemble a deck of cards. NEna was so convinced of this positive movement she decided to place K.O.E under her label known as SDE.

Nena works very close with her brother (MotaMouth Jones) The Ace of Spade and her business partner (Tahara) the Royal card! These three ENTREPRENEURS are making a difference in today's generation of music. Support NEna KapOne and K.O.E. in every way possible thank you and GOD Bless. ,


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