Real Name:
Annunzio Paolo Mantovani
Anglo-Italian conductor, born 15 November 1905 in Venice, Italy and died 29 March 1980 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, UK.
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Mantovani Discography


LL 570 Mantovani Greensleeves(LP, Mono) London Records LL 570 UK 1952 Sell This Version
LL 1031 Mantovani Mantovani Plays The Music Of Romberg London Records LL 1031 UK 1954 Sell This Version
LK 4215 Mantovani Love Songs(LP) Decca LK 4215 UK 1957 Sell This Version
PS119, PS 119, PS.119 Mantovani Waltz Encores (Album) London Records, London Records, London Records PS119, PS 119, PS.119 UK 1958 Sell This Version
BLK 4297-P Mantovani Mantovani Continental Encores(LP, Mono) Decca BLK 4297-P Germany 1959 Sell This Version
SKL 4035 Mantovani Gems Forever(LP) Decca SKL 4035 UK 1959 Sell This Version
MS 5 Mantovani Showcase (Comp, Album) London Records MS 5 US 1959 Sell This Version
LL 3117 Mantovani Film Encores, Vol. 2(LP, Album, Mono) London Records LL 3117 US 1959 Sell This Version
LK 4377 Mantovani Concert Spectacular (Album) Decca LK 4377 UK 1960 Sell This Version
SKL 4093, SKL.4093 Mantovani Operetta Memories (Album) Decca, Decca SKL 4093, SKL.4093 UK 1960 Sell This Version
PS 224 Mantovani Plays Music From Exodus And Other Great Themes (Album) London Records, London Records PS 224 USA & Canada 1960 Sell This Version
SKL 4510 Mario del Monaco, Mantovani Mario del Monaco, Mantovani - A Song For You (Album) Decca SKL 4510 UK 1962 Sell This Version
none Mantovani The Most Beautiful Mood Music In The World(4xLP, Album) London Records, Inc. none US 1965 Sell This Version
PS 474 Mantovani Mr. Music... (Album) London Records PS 474 US 1966 Sell This Version
SKLA 4887 Mantovani Hollywood (Album) Decca SKLA 4887 Australia 1967 Sell This Version
6.21 689 AF Mantovani Ein Klang Verzaubert Millionen (Comp, Album) Decca, Decca 6.21 689 AF Germany 1968 Sell This Version
LK 4921 Mantovani The Mantovani Touch(LP, Promo) Decca LK 4921 UK 1968 Sell This Version
SKL 4977, SKL.4977 Mantovani Memories (Album) Decca, Decca SKL 4977, SKL.4977 UK 1969 Sell This Version
X57165 Mantovani The World Of Mantovani (Album) London Records X57165 US 1969 Sell This Version
SKL 4135 Mantovani Italia Mia(LP) Decca SKL 4135 UK 1969 Sell This Version
PS 572 Mantovani Mantovani Today (Album) London Records PS 572 US 1970 Sell This Version
6.28120 DP Mantovani Portrait In Musik(12") Decca 6.28120 DP Germany 1971 Sell This Version
XPS 610 Mantovani 25th Anniversary Album(LP) London Records XPS 610 US 1972 Sell This Version
SKL 5157 Mantovani More Mantovani Magic(LP, Album) Decca SKL 5157 UK 1972 Sell This Version
R213819 Mantovani, Frank Chacksfield / Ronnie Aldrich Mantovani, Frank Chacksfield / Ronnie Aldrich - The Best of the 70's(2xLP, Album) London Records R213819 US 1972 Sell This Version

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