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Kaffe Matthews is one of the most active artists on the new electronic music scene, whose surprisingly rare approach exploiting digital gadgets and live performance has resulted in some unique works which transgress any boundary between sound and image. since 1996 she has been regularly performing all over the world in clubs, galleries, concert halls, tea rooms, boats, warehouses, the outback, releasing the best of these events on the six cd's, 'cd Ann', 'cd Bea' , 'cd cecile' ,'cd dd', 'cd eb and flo' presenting an annual document of her ever developing sound worlds. Recently she has collaborated and performed with agf, Ryoko Kuwajima, MIMEO, Sachiko M, Ikue Mori, Marina Rosenfeld, Oren Ambarchi, Christian Fennesz, and is currently working on a new formation of the lappetites with Eliane Radigue, pan-European electronics orchestra MIMEO, weightless animals (a trio with visual artist Mandy McIntosh and Zeena Parkins) making interactive sonic space cartoons from research at NASA, as well as numerous concert collaborations worldwide. , Bandcamp , Soundcloud
In Groups:Kantine, London Improvisers Orchestra, MIMEO, The Lappetites, The Sheer Frost Orchestra, Weightless Animals
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