Keith LeBlanc

Real Name:Keith A. LeBlanc

Hi-tech drummer/producer. Founder of Blanc Records. Died 4 April 2024. aged 69

Beginning in 1979, Leblanc, along with Doug Wimbish (bass), & Skip Macdonald (guitar), formed the core of the house band for Sugarhill Records, based in Englewood, NJ.
Their tight & precise playing can be heard on the vast majority of the label's output.
His drumming is unique for his bassdrum approach, which consisted of very precise 16th notes. His hi-hat approach was also unique, in that he rarely played straight 8th's or 16th's, but rather syncopated patterns which were considered modern at the time.

In 1984, LeBlanc left Sugarhill to produce/arrange for Tommy Boy Records. In 1987, he formed Tackhead with Adrian Sherwood. , , Facebook , Bandcamp , MySpace , , Imdb , Wikipedia
Aliases:DJ Spike, Raw (17)
In Groups:Artists United Against Apartheid, Beatmaster, Double Edge (3), Dumb Guys, Fats Comet, Fine Quality, Forehead Bros, Interference, Mark Stewart And The Maffia, Noh Ground, Strange Parcels, Sugarhill Gang Band, Tackhead, The Enemy Within, The Fat Comet Crew, Wood, Brass & Steel
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