Once upon a time a child was born. He was a kind, loving child always wearing a smile. All over people were amazed at how relaxed and positive someone can be. But when he was on the steps of growing up he found an apple, which everyone said he shouldn’t bite. He was also inquisitive and curious, so he had to taste it. The apple was so sweet, that it made him do foul things for a long time. After years of adventures, wondering and rebelling he found himself stuck suffering at the flames of hell (sink). Most of his friends were ruined or dead. The apple wasn’t so good anymore and he was lost like a snowman in Jamaica.

But then one day he got pieces of paper which he ate. It was no normal paper, for it was magical mind altering paper. He had tasted it before, but only had small glimpses of the universe and how it worked. This time it was different, for he had learnt enough during his travels to step further forward. An ancient wise spirit of an indian appeared from the sun. It put a hand on the child’s head and said: “Rise dear child. For you have a destiny to fulfill.” The child was amazed and couldn’t say anything.

The indian continued: “I will resurrect you from here to a new dawn, but you must promise me something.” The child nodded his head on agreement.
“First you will move where you humans belong, in the middle of nature.” it said.
“Second, you will plant shaman seeds for all mankind with love, kindness, knowledge and rhythms.”
The child answered: “I will do what you say, please get me out of this misery.”
The indian had a sad look: “No, Helaku. You will find your own way out of it, I’m here only to give you a new chance, a new beginning.”
The child tried to talk “but how can I…”, but the indian interrupted.
“You will find the answers if you just follow what the king, the sun tells you. Follow your instincts, love the world and the universe. It will show you the way. Be true to yourself and others.”
“I will do that, I promise.” the boy muttered.
“Then there is the third part of trinity which you must fulfill to succeed. It’s probably the most important thing. You must find your soul mate. Together you will rise to new heights of being, which will give you the biggest cosmic energy there is. And with the power of that energy you will be able to do amazing things and help the whole planet. It needs your help.”
“True love?” the boy asked.
The indian smiled: “Yes my son, you have knowledge of it already. Now you just have to dare.”
“But how can I trust anyone after all these heartbreaks and sneaky women I’ve met?” The boy said.
“Get a grip of yourself, you will know when the time is right. It will come if you just follow the sun.”
The boy nodded.
“I will give you new life and you will be reborn. And you will grow beautiful new life all over the universe. Now rise, Helaku my son.”

There was a bright flash of the clearest white light there is and it bathed on the boy and the indian disappeared. And so the boy was reborn as Helaku, which is an indian name meaning full of sun.

The rest is future or his-tory, possibly her-story, which you will learn some day. Be kind, be love. Be metta. Love life and it will love you back.



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