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Popular Eurodance duo founded by Belgian producers Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde.

First released as an instrumental in spring 1991, "Get Ready For This" received an immediate success (#2 in the UK charts). Conscious of their popularity, Wilde & De Coster wanted a more accessible, formatted formula for their project to grow. Raymond Lothar Slijngaard was then contacted to write lyrics and add a rap to the track. On his suggestion, Anita Dels (a singer from the Amsterdam club scene) joined in as the female vocalist. The new re-version of "Get Ready For This" was released in September 1991 and helped to perpetuate the success of 2 Unlimited around the world.
The following single, "Twilight Zone", did even better in the charts and became a well known club anthem. A full album announced two more successful tracks: "Workaholic" and "The Magic Friend".
Their second opus, "No Limits!", was released in 1993. It's popularity was such that no less than five singles were taken out of it. Among them, "No Limit" and "Tribal Dance".
The single 'No Limit' became their biggest hit. It reached number one in more than 35 countries and was the best selling single of 1993 in Europe.

In 1996, a complicated relationship between Ray and Anita precipitate the breaking of 2 Unlimited. For a moment, a background vocalist was due to replace Anita beside Ray, but ultimately, she refused the contract offered to her. A relaunch attempt (2 Unlimited 2) featuring two female singers (Romy (2) and Marion Van Iwaarden) was tested, but only had a mitigated success. Both singers left once their contracts ended in 1998.
Recent petitions asking for the return of 2 Unlimited were ignored as Ray and Anita do not wish to work together again.

In Feb 10. 2009 the original members Ray & Anita announced in a 10 minute interview on the Dutch TV Show "De Wereld Draait Door" there reunion concert on the 11th. of April 2009 in Hasselt - Belgium. In the interview Ray hinted at a possible reunion but no plans has surfaced yet. , Wikipedia , Facebook , YouTube , Instagram ,
Members:Anita Dels, Jean-Paul De Coster, Kim (11), Marion Van Iwaarden, Michèle, Phil Wilde, Raymond Lothar Slijngaard, Romy Snoeijers van Ooijen
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