Papa Dee

Papa Dee

Real Name:David Christopher Daniel Wahlgren

Swedish reggae singer and DJ in mainly the subgenres ragga and dancehall, born July 13, 1966 in Gothenburg.

He is a toaster/singer who released his first album “Lettin' Off Steam” in 1990, and has lived in different parts of the world ever since, such as London, Jamaica and New York – where he also fronted the band Brooklyn Funk Essentials.
His musical influences are mainly from ragga, dub and dancehall.

Since the year 2000, Papa Dee is also running the weekly show “P3 Rytm” on the Swedish national radio.

Papa Dee is likely most recognized by Leftfield fans, from his guest performance-toast on “Release The Pressure”. , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Daniel Wahlgren
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