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Sex-obsessed Belgian-American post-industrial/techno band founded in Antwerp in 1988 as Major Problem with frontperson Nathalie Delaet. One of Maurice Engelen's many New Beat/Hard Beat projects, originally with Chris Inger and Harry Van Oekel. Nikkie Van Lierop became part of the group with the first proper Lords of Acid single "I Sit On Acid." Natalie Delaet walked out of the band, so Nikkie took over vocal duties for the early singles and the "Lust," album.

In 1991, Oliver Adams replaced Inger and Van Oekel and Lords of Acid became the main M.N.O. project (along with Channel X and Digital Orgasm), and has outlived all others to become a semi-permanent on-going fixture.

Ruth McArdle (Lady Galore) became the lead singer for 1994's "Voodoo-U," she left the band in 1995 during the "The Sextacy Ball," shows with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, to join the The Bomb Gang Girlz.

Nikkie took over as lead singer again and was the female vocalist on "Our Little Secret," and the 1997 tour. Ludo Camberlin joined the production team for the album, replacing Nikkie, who arranged the album.

Deborah Ostrega then took over vocal duties for the "Heaven Is Coming Tour," in 2000 (released on CD as "Tales Of Debauchery (Live),") and the subsequent "Farstucker," album, the first without Nikkie. The band went into hiatus after the 2001/02 Tour, that followed the release of the album.

In 2010, Maurice Engelen revived Lords Of Acid for the US "Sextreme Ball," tour with a new lineup: Lacey Conner, Sin Quirin, Murv Douglas and Kirk Salvador. Mea Fisher became the new lead singer in 2011. They released "Deep Chills," in 2012, and the band was put back on ice until a tour in 2017. Mea left the band at the end of the year.

Marieke Bresseleers was announced as the new frontwoman in January 2018 and "Pretty In Kink," was released in May the same year.

Lords Of Acid has featured various additional writers and musicians throughout the years, including Rembert De Smet, Ferre Baelen, Luc Van Acker and Wim Daans among the contributors. , , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , , Facebook , , Instagram , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:Major Problem
Members:Andre Karkos, David Lambrecht, Deborah Ostrega, Dirk Van Der Auwera, Erhan Kurkun, Erica Dilanjian, Frank Vloeberghs, Galen Waling, Hans Bruyninckx, Joe Haze, Jos Borremans, Kirk Salvador, Kurt McGuinness, Lacey Conner, Marieke Bresseleers, Mark Gemini Thwaite, Maurice Engelen, Mea Fisher, Murv Douglas, Nathalie Delaet
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