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Formed in Nottingham, England, in June 1985 from a split in Hydra (69)
Disbanded: 1991.
Reformed: 2006.
Disbanded: 2011.

Influential and highly regarded UK Thrash band formed by guitarist Andy Sneap, bassist Frazer Craske, drummer Simon Negus and vocalist Martin Walkyier. They are recognized for their unique musical approach as well as lyrics & themes which dealt with Wyrdism, Celtic mysticism and paganism.

Craske and Walkyier left the band in 1990, the latter to form Skyclad, while Sabbat's final album; 1991's Mourning Has Broken was considered a critical and commercial failure and the remnants of the band split up soon afterward.

Martin Walkyier, Frazer Craske and Simon Jones unofficially reformed Sabbat with Skyclad drummer Andy Newby under the name Return To The Sabbat in 2001. The name change reflects the fact that the event was blocked by Andy Sneap. Though they performed a few times at festivals, Return To The Sabbat disbanded soon afterward.

Sabbat officially reformed in 2006 with their "classic" 1989 Dreamweaver line-up to play a small number of shows. These reunions were described by the band as "a bit of fun". Frazer Craske departed the band following a performance at a festival in April 2007, and the band carried on with his replacement Gizz Butt until December 2010. Sneap announced in January 2014 that Sabbat had once again broken up amid a bitter feud between himself and Walkyier.

Members:Andy Sneap, Frazer Craske, Graham Butt, Mark Daley (2), Martin Walkyier, Neil Watson (4), Ritchie Desmond, Simon Jones (8), Simon Negus
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