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May 21, 2016


J’aime Roco aka TRANCELUZ; Tranzite; Sunyata; Ananta; Abhasa, Aeternal (with Enzo Guardavacio) and Crossed Minds (with Juan Briceño), did some drum programming for PRANA ( Tsuyoshi Susuki and Nick taylor); Snake Thing (Nick Taylor) and Insectoid ( Nick taylor and Ray Castle).

Tranceluz is a Dutchman who has as well his roots in Chile and Argentina, started to dj professionally in 1995. before that he studied Psycholinguistic and also specialized in Cultural Anthropology and History of Art.

Tranceluz became an international press reporter working for radio and television in different parts of the world; in The Nedtherlands for OOG ( Omroep Organisatie Groningen), Radio Byron bay in Australia and Oceane FM in New Caledonia ( French Department ) in Melanesia He is a drummer and around percussionist, but DJing and composing is how he became known, especially through his work in studios.

As psychedelic trance DJ, he is known as J’aime (his Name) or TRANCELUZ, which means "Light in Trance", but also called by some followers in Asia and Australia Sunyata and the name Ananta (Infinity in Sanskrit) was given to him in India in 1996 after playing a 23 hrs. set in Vashisht village in Himachal Pradesh in India and a 19 hrs. set in Goa in 1997. His longest set ever in public was 32 hrs. in 1995 in the so-called "Techno Village" in Seminyak, Bali Indonesia.

After living in South America as a child and being exposed to all kind of rhythms and music from all over, he started to play Music of the Andes and Latin Rhythms on an age of 11 years.

In Holland, J'aime started his first electronic band on an age of 15 years old, from then on he couldn’t stop making music, even being in College couldn’t stop his passion, it was the exhaust everybody needs to express his feelings or perhaps the ways to be connected with his higher self.

His first band (school band) was a Punk band called "Panico Temorosso" this band was the way to express the teenager's revolution that was going on in the seventies in Northern West Europe. With his school friends, this band grew up from a Punk to a Bebop band going throughout: New Wave; Ska; Blues Ska; Funk; Jazz Funk; Jazz Rock; Experimental; Fusion; Bossa Nova and finally Bebop in 1991.

In 1983 he started his own Salsa band, created with people from all over, but specially from Latin America, this meant for him going back to his roots and made him reinforce his feeling for the circular rhythm, (which bring us in trance). SOL LATINO, the name of his Salsa band made it to the big public in 4 different countries in Europe and even when they didn’t have a CD recording they created also their own music and sold hundreds of tapes during their 5 years of existence. Through his work for Radio/TV "OOG" he got asked to be part of a project called "JUMPING THE NUN" with Alex Gache and others, the band consisted of 5 top musicians, that made it to the studio in 3 weeks, producing a fusion between Rock and Latin/African influences. Unfortunately the international labels didn’t react on it like they expected and after 6 months they split up. 8 years later a CD compilation under the name Alex Gache came on the marked and made it to the top in Holland.

During the summer months in Europe between 1984 and 1988 J'aime used to work as DJ in Spain in different parts on "La ruta de Bacalao – also called "Ruta destroy" was the first connection with electronic music, bands like: Front 242, Kraftwerck, Ultravox, Anne Clarke, Invisible Limits, Farm, Vicius Pink, A split second, Red Flag, Camouflage, Cretu, Farm, Movement, Propaganda and P.machinery were sounding in the Discothèques around Valencia like: Barraca Destroy, Chocolate, Spooky Factory, Puzzle, Espiral etc. The nights became longer and longer, some clubs were going on for 48 hours it was the beginning of a new vibration, a new form of music, some how you could feel that the psychedelic was taking over the night.

In 1988 for the first time back in South America managed to play for the first time with '''OLODUM''' in Pelourinho, Salvador de Bahia Brazil.

As a percussionist he really enjoyed it playing all kind of genres and brought him to get more and more into the essence of the music, what he calls trance, the difference from Easy listening music, which is the most music we listen to and Trance that bring us to an alter state of mind. Between 1979 and 1991 he played with an uncountable quantity of musicians, having Jam sessions every week in his hometown Groningen in The Netherlands, plus his own bands and invitation gigs. He used to go to the Vera, an alternative Space were he saw starting many big bands like, Echo and the Bunnymen, Cocteau twins, Black, Specials, The Cult, The Club, Fatal Flowers, the Gun Club, Sonic Youth, Monster Magnet, Dead Moon, Giant Sand, Sebadoh, Cosmic Psychos etc.

About end of the 80's he got in touch with the Classic Trance, it was different, he didn’t understand it first, but after dancing for 12 hrs. He got such a release of his mind and spirit that gave him the sensation to be back on one of those beaches in Brazil playing and dancing '''Candomblé''' and playing Capoeira, it was an old feeling back in him, an indefinite sensation that made him looks for something more deeper.

Tranceluz is the first artist to have played Psychedelic Trance in Latin America, so is considered to be the PIONEER of Psychedelic Trance music in All Latin America.

On 2 February 1990 he played for the First time Psychedelic Trance in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile for about 30 people in the Camping of Ricardo Quiroz Nilo, today the day the owner of Hotel La Aldea and at the end of the same month in 1990 he played in Praia do Hippy near Salvador the Bahia Brazil, in a private party for not more than 80 people, and Psychedelic Trance music was born in Latin America.

In March 1992 and February 1994, played again in Chile and Brazil, Psychedelic trance had changed is was more like the psychedelic Trance we know these days. At that time he was mixing with the 1980s Sony Professional Walkman WM-D6 with pitch control, an amazing machine, around 1993 he start to play with Sony DAT machine TCD-D3, TCD-D7 and TCD-D8 late in the 90’s, know on his perfectly mix, he could mix so well on DAT that many though he was playing with pitch control.

Begin of the 90's he used to assist to parties all over northern Europe next to The Netherlands, like Germany Belgium, England.

Dj Kudo from Japan and Dj Cosmic from Gelsenkirsche were those dj 's that influenced him the most in the beginning. He was collecting but not really playing in Europe, he was only playing during his trips to South America, like in 1990, 1992 and 1994 before the Very first Solar Eclipse played in Putre in Chile in 1994.

Back in The Netherlands his home town Groningen, except for his work as reporter, he use to help organize events for thousand of people with 2 organizations, Brain Pulse and ABC

The very first Trance Party in Groningen was organized in his house and he started to work as visual designer, creating 3D Graphic designs together with student of the Art Academy Minerva. The Glastonbury Festival in 1994 will change it all, he moved to live in London and started to work in "Return to the Source", This was the very beginning of a world exposure of trance music and Trance became a fact.

In 1995 when he had moved to live in Byron Bay in Australia, started a project called "Beyond the Brain" with Paul Chamber, Cathy Chamber and Nick Taylor. In Australia Tranceluz played numerous events with Ray Castles, Ollie Wisdom, Nick Space tree, Dj Jeh, Dj Mandy, Dj Shin Bindi, Ollie Olsen and Andrew Till from Parasonics Records, Insectoid, Fred Disco etc.
[[File:New Zealand 2004.jpg|thumb]]
He has been involved in many events and playing with all the top around the world. He also played the first and third "Transelement" party in Australia, memorable first Elements under the storm, closing the Festival, people didn't let him stop playing.

He is the first in the world to integrate Butoh Dance into the Psychedelic Trance scene in 1995 in Australia.

In 1995 played his first public 10 hrs. set in Australia in the AP Center in Byron Bay for more than 800 people, coming from Goa, India he managed to play a 3 hrs, set in Khao San Rd. in Bangkok. (The police stopped him playing because hundreds of people were blocking the traffic in Wang Lam Pong). Which costed him 3 hours of retention and his music got almost confiscated.

Tranceluz played 4 seasons in Goa: 1994/1995; 1995/1996; 1996/1997 and 1999/2000 he also played many private parties and Underground parties for a few hundreds of people. Everything was powered by motorbikes and cars batteries, (even the mixer was a 12 volt self made mixer with 2 channels only, so they couldn't get caught by the police. It is certainly the most amazing time of Goa, "The Golden Years". During the seasons 95/'96 and '96/'97 played the biggest parties for more than 5000 people in Goa, India and is considered to be one of the best Goan Dj's all times. "Goa used to be the Mecca of Psychedelic Trance, where Dj's from the entire world came to play".

In 1997 played for Christmas another 12 hours in public in Trancoso and in Arrial D'ajuda in '''Bahia, Brazil''' before getting back to Bali and soon after to Japan in where he lived 1 and half year composing and playing LIVE with Makio festivals like "Strong Sun Moon Festival" in Gifu in 1998. He has made music with the Ochi Brothers, Makio and collaborations many other artists, like Prana, Snake thing, Rythmystic, Aeternal, Ochi Brothers, Tierra Positiva, 2B production, Pelegrim, Kundan, Ciccio, Prime Projections.

He is been playing many private parties for well-known world celebrities and royal families in Bali, where he lived for years, (played with Space Tribe, Ollie Wisdom, Scotty, and many Space Tribe parties), The Gili Nanggu parties where he played a memorable 7 hours set in 1998; Tranceluz spend years playing in India, Australia, New Zealand and Japan for Rainbow 2000 Organization; Equinox and Rave On Productions.

Today the day he is a resident in New Caledonia. He released before 4 tracks in 1999 and 2000, ( https://www.discogs.com/Various-Bali-Trance-Dua-Ribu/release/575684)
and did many collaboration with different artist, made some soundtrack for movies, Performance Arts and Documentaries. He has played more than 500 gigs and he still feels the butterflies in his stomach before starting to play from very big events, like the " Strong Sun Moon Festival" in Japan for more than 8000 people and a 80.000 kilo watts Sound system, The Gathering in New Zealand for 15000 people or Visionz also in New Zealand for more than 10000 people; Sydney Olympics for 32000 people or Earth Dance in 5 different countries, to the smallest parties, like private celebrations with friends.

He as played until now in 51 countries, official and unofficial events, some of the countries are: Holland; Germany; Denmark; France; Spain; Ibiza; Lichtenstein, Andorra, Sweden; Norway; Belgium; England; Portugal; Wales; Brazil; Ecuador, Argentina; Uruguay; Paraguay; Chile; Peru; Bolivia; India; Pakistan; Nepal; Singapore; Thailand; Koh Phangan; Cambodia; Vietnam; La Nouvelle Calèdonie; Taiwan; South Korea; Indonesia; BALI; New Zealand; Japan; Australia; Hong Kong; Philippines; Morocco; Austria; Switzerland; USA; Easter Island; Tahiti; Vanuatu; Fiji, Lebanon; Cyprus; Turkey etc.

CEO of Abhasa Records - releases for Macky Mad House Records (MMHR) with Aeternal. Future releases with Metropolis Entertainment.
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