Ferroblues The origin dates back to an earlier group that had the guitar Fernando Rubio, and Amador Blaya (voice) in Cartagena, the Miraculous Medicinal Primitive Blues Band, playing essentially the same repertoire that would then Ferroblues.

In 1986, Fernando Rubio, taking advantage of his stay in fans, recruits drummer Juan Ramón Cuenca and Bass player Pepito Cuenca for a project, Ferroblues, which takes the name of the brothers (who worked at the Renfe). Besides Amador, the first full training Manolo Gomez. Soon after, Manolo leaving the group to form Blueswagen, and in turn become two former Primitive, Carlos Campoy keyboards and José Antonio Tur bass, which would, Juanjo Rodriguez taking his position. Juan Antonio Ross also goes to the battery. This training revolve around Spain, playing in all sorts of places.

Later, Juan Antonio Ross is leaving to start his solo project, entering Diego Canovas (well known in Cartagena) in getting manager and record label, Club Sirocco Records, the Sirocco room where usually acted and had won the prize best live at 93. Thus, they recorded their first album, "tripe" (Club Sirocco, 1994), in studies of Pepe Moreno Murcia. Produced by Juan Antonio Ross, shows robust sound, based on the soul and touches of other styles. "Black Soul in the guts" they call it. It is best to let go and do not stop to analyze.

With the album under his arm again revolve around the bull's hide. Half tour, Diego is unable to balance work, personal life and actions, leaving the group, and Juan Exposito is incorporated, which will be the final formation -recapitulemos: Amador Blaya (voice), Fernando Rubio (guitar) Juanjo Rodriguez (bass), Carlos Campoy (keyboard) and Juan Exposito (drums) -.

A mid-90s were lavished in blues festivals and jazz that proliferated in Spain, for example Cerdanyola (Barcelona) Ferrol (A Coruña), Tres Cantos (Madrid), The Grau (Castellón), and of course Cartagena, San Javier and Murcia. Also a couple of times in the Sea of Music (Cartagena, Murcia) and in the spring of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Following often act in a mod den Madrid -The Bareto of Paco on the Plaza de Chueca, they emerged performances at various concentrations of mods, like Zaragoza and Centelles (Barcelona), and a large group of followers mods, given the soulful vocation and Ferroblues they were among the few soul bands practiced in Spain in the 80s and 90s.

On his penchant for live band and the difficult style -in terms noncommercial practiced only recorded a CD, "Blind Lizard" (Big Bang, 2000), on Granada's Big Bang, which is considered one of the best albums Spanish soul.

Although never formally separate, the group is almost nonexistent, but meet occasionally for some special occasion. Fernando Rubio participate in Soul Finger, American Pie and Malaventura, and start a solo career; Carlos Campoy militate Marañones and Grrrr !, The Juan Exposito in American Pie and Juanjo Rodriguez Street Rhythm.


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Ferroblues Mondongo (Album) Siroco Records Spain 1994 Sell This Version
BB140CD Ferroblues Blind lizard(CD) Big Bang Productions BB140CD Spain 2000 Sell This Version