Robert Babicz

Real Name:Robert Babicz

Born 1973 in Poland, he came to Germany in 1980. From 1993 he released tracks under his name and various aliases; the most famous is Rob Acid. In 1994 he formed Junkfood Records and later its sublabel Tabu Rec with Michael Zosel. In 2010 he founded Babiczstyle and in 2015 he founded DIRT CUTS for Rob Acid only releases. The live act and producer lives in Cologne, Germany. , , Bandcamp , Facebook , , Instagram , Soundcloud , X , YouTube
Aliases:Acid Warrior, Atlon Inc., Church Window, Colone, Department Of Dance, Dicabor, Fog (11), Gnork, Ivory Audio Systems, Leid, Origin (2), Pumpgun Pro, Ra-Patera, RAM (9), Rob Acid, Sontec, The Dusk, Twirl
In Groups:Flashback (4), Hobby, Imkerei Rob & Mijk van Dijk, Joseph And His Cousin, Society For Psychical Research, Tannenhof
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