British electronic band formed in London, England in 1994.

Faithless were Maxwell Fraser AKA Maxi Jazz (Conscious Rap) (passed away on 23 December 2022), Ayalah Bentovim also known as Sister Bliss (Music), Roland Armstrong AKA Rollo (Producer, Music). Many of the songs are sung by Pauline Taylor. Jamie Catto was originally part of the group but left after the release of the second album "Sunday 8PM". Zoë Johnston joined for the album "Outrospective".

Their first album, 1996's "Reverence", was an underground sensation but did not quite break the mainstream. 1998's "Sunday 8AM" changed all of that, the single "God Is a DJ" became a big club anthem while the album enjoyed bigger sales than anything they had previously released. Critics may have been harsh, but the group kept moving forward with all members also pursuing solo careers on the side.

When playing live they were joined by guitarist Dave Randall (2) and bassist, Aubrey Nunn. Some of the original members (Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and percussionist Sudha Kheterpal) continue to perform under the name Faithless Sound System. , Facebook , Instagram , X , Wikipedia , Imdb , YouTube , YouTube
Members:Ayalah Bentovim, Jamie Catto, Maxwell Fraser, Roland Armstrong
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