While Arne collected his first experiences with electronic dance music in the early nineties, Alex joined his passion in 1995. Thanks to his technical understanding of synthesizers and samplers, it was Alex -a former student of telecommunication- who made it possible for both of them to start producing techno and dancemusic in an own little studio at home.

With the time their studio grew bigger and bigger, and also their production standards and mixing skills. They decided to create a small enterprise and start producing on a more professional level. Their first official release was "Overload" in 1996. After having released some progressive stuff on various labels till 1999, they decided to give their sound a more trancy, melodic feel in 2000. Finally the remix of DJ Kim's "Jetlag" in 2001 -which was a smashing floorburner all across europe- was the initial success for their continuous work: the Alphazone sound was born.

In Spring 2002 they released their first Alphazone vinyl "Stay" on Waterworld Records in Germany. With a rolling baseline, a bumping kick, tremendous acid feel and an exstatic synth hook they created a huge anthem, often played and well known in the entire hardtrance scene. Between, "Alphazone" remixed projects like Ian Van Dahl, Kira, Dave Joy, Jay Walker and BK. While these singles already took their place in record-cases of many international dj stars, Alphazone kept working in the studio, because there were still many big things to come in 2003. In April they released "Saltwater - The Legacy" (together with the producers of Norman Bass), which had a much trancier approach then the other Alphazone mixes, but nevertheless got impressive support from all the bigh trance jocks like Tiesto, Ferry and Gielen. Some weeks later they released their Alphazone follow-up single "Rockin" on Waterworld Records. Including an ingenious Mat Silver & Tony Burt Remix, which received highest reviews everywhere, this single took of the roof from every club around. In summer 2003 Arne and Alex moved with their studio to a new location and they had to spend the coming months to get everything working again. Back on the track in August 2003, the hardtrance community saw a successful release of the latest DJ Kim single “Time And Space” with an Alphazone Mix on the a-side.

Everything started with the idea: On the hunt for a new crowd pleasing trance experience the producers of Alphazone thought, that it must be possible to use some progressive elements in otherwise melodic euro trance productions. They combined slammin' hard drums, racing rhythms and pushing acid lines with uplifiting melodies and tremendous breakdowns and buildups to create their own definition of high energy trance.
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Singles & EPs

Alphazone - Stay album art Alphazone Stay Waterworld UK 2002 Sell This Version
Alphazone - Rockin' album art Alphazone Rockin' (Single) Waterworld Germany 2003 Sell This Version
Alphazone - Immortal album art Alphazone Presents Ceylon Alphazone Presents Ceylon - Immortal 90 Degrees North Special Edition UK 2004 Sell This Version
Alphazone - Revelation album art Alphazone Revelation Waterworld Germany 2004 Sell This Version
Alphazone - Flashback album art Alphazone Flashback Waterworld Germany 2004 Sell This Version
Alphazone - Sunrise album art Alphazone Sunrise Waterworld Germany 2005 Sell This Version
JMLTD4 Alphazone - Flashback (Dave Joy Remix) / Infinity (Dave Joy Remix) album art Alphazone / DJ Spoke Alphazone / DJ Spoke - Flashback (Dave Joy Remix) / Infinity (Dave Joy Remix)(12", Blu) Joyride Music Ltd JMLTD4 Switzerland 2007 Sell This Version


QRDJS-22 Alphazone - The Alphazone album art Alphazone The Alphazone(CD, Comp, Mixed) Quake Records QRDJS-22 Japan 2007 Sell This Version

DJ Mixes

MASIFCD002 Alphazone - Transmission Trance Anthems Vol. 6 album art Nervous* Vs Alphazone Nervous* Vs Alphazone - Transmission Trance Anthems Vol. 6(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Masif MASIFCD002 Australia 2005 Sell This Version


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August 13, 2009
edited over 9 years ago
Alphazone are one of the greatest hard trance acts of all time I think. Perhaps their only weakness was a certain sameness between tracks, but then again, hard trance has never been the most creative or diverse genre. However, to me, the Alphazone sound is one that's instantly recognisable and subtly unique from similar acts of the time. Nearly every single or remix they produced was a monster in it's own right, with pounding drums, chunky bass, energetic percussion and ridiculously in-your-face uplifting melodies with that distinct 'euro' tinge.

Alphazone's greatest strength was undoubtedly their bass lines, which were always energetic and a bit more complex than the usual trance fare. It seems that somewhere around 2005-06, a lot of hard trance producers stopped going for strong bass lines and instead began to focus on booming kick drums, which is more of a hardstyle thing. For me, many tracks lost a lot of energy and dance appeal because of this. May Alphazone's tracks live on as a testament to what thumping, uplifting club trance should sound like. Their sound is truly inimitable, which is an adjective that can be applied to very few producers.

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