Stemsy Hunter

Real Name:Harold Hunter

Saxophonist from Omaha, Nebraska. In 1959, at age 14, Hunter started out in a band with Curly Martin called Daddy Long Legs & The Rocking Nighthawks. Later he was in Andre Lewis's group, Andre Lewis & the New Breed. In 1968 via his friend Buddy Miles, he became a member of The Electric Flag and stayed with it until its break up. In the 1970s, he played on the Buddy Miles Live album, a couple of albums by Maxayn, and Nanette Workman's self-titled album, Nanette Workman.

He produced the album, Full Court Press for Calvin Keys which was released in 1985. In the 1990s he was a member of Buddy Miles And The Mighty Rhythm Tribe which included Marlo Henderson and fellow Ohama musicians, Bill Rich and Andre Lewis . Along with Nadine Alexander, Roosevelt Caldwell, Suzie Cappetta, Richard Martinez, Ken Roberts and Scotty Varneau, he performed musically on the Red Hot & Blues album by Jimmy Ellis.

In later years he was performing as a solo act covering various genres including R&B, Jazz and Country. He was also a member of a small ensemble called Stems, Ned, Elaine & Pat. As of 2018, he was playing in a group called Curly Martin & Friends.

Hunter also plays flute, guitar, bass guitar and sings. He sang the song "With Time There Is Change" on the 1968 Electric Flag album, An American Music Band.

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In Groups:Buddy Miles And The Mighty Rhythm Tribe, The Electric Flag
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