Real Name:
Håkan Hemlin, Mats Wester
Håkan Hemlin and Mats Wester met in a studio in Hjorthagen, Sweden 1991. Håkan was there with his hardrockband Bye Bye to make a demo for a promo. Mats had experimented with mixing folkmusic and pop and was looking for a singer for his project. He asked Håkan if he was interrested, and he was.

In 1993 they got a record contract with Sonet Grammofon. In February 1994 the first single ”Förlist” was released. The album "Nordman" was released in late April the same year.

After only 4 weeks the album sold gold (50.000 copies at the time). The second single "Vandraren" went straight to number one in the charts, and stayed there the whole summer. During the summer the album also sold platinum (100.000 copies), and before the end of the year, triple platinum. Two more singles were released, "Laglöst Land", and "Ännu Glöder Solen".

On November 27th 1995, the second album "Ingenmansland" was released. Over 100.000 copies were sold in advance, meaning platinum before it even was released!

The third album "Här och Nu" was recorded in 1997, and released in November the same year. Even this album sold over 100.000 copies in advance.

In January 1998 all work is aborted and Nordman takes a break. The reason was Håkan's drug-abuse, which he himseld didn't admit he had.. Seven years later, February 2004, Håkan calls Mats and tells him his drug-using days are over, and they get together again. After a while Mats gets his trust back, and they start writing songs again. After the summer they decide to "reincarnate" Nordman. The new album "Anno 2005" was released on April 27, 2005. The new record-company is BonnierAmigo.

Nordman Discography Tracks


Nordman - Nordman album art Nordman Nordman (Album) Sonet, Sonet Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
Nordman - Ingenmansland album art Nordman Ingenmansland (Album) Sonet, Sonet Scandinavia 1995 Sell This Version
Nordman - Här Och Nu album art Nordman Här Och Nu (Album) Sonet Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
Nordman - Anno 2005 album art Nordman Anno 2005 (Album) Bonnier Music Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
Nordman - Djävul Eller Gud album art Nordman Djävul Eller Gud (Album) Records, Records Finland 2008 Sell This Version
060252720850 Nordman - Korsväg album art Nordman Korsväg(CD, Album) Universal Music AB, Records, Sonet 060252720850 Sweden 2010 Sell This Version
FPCD03 Nordman - Patina album art Nordman Patina(CD, Album) Records FPCD03 Sweden 2014 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Nordman - Förlist album art Nordman Förlist (Single) Sonet, Sonet Scandinavia 1994 Sell This Version
CDS10482 Nordman - Vandraren album art Nordman Vandraren(CD, Single) Sonet CDS10482 Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
CDS10502 Nordman - Ännu Glöder Solen album art Nordman Ännu Glöder Solen(CD, Single) Sonet CDS10502 Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
CDS10492 Nordman - Laglöst Land album art Nordman Laglöst Land(CD, Single) Sonet CDS10492 Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
576 034-2 Nordman - Det Sista Du Ser album art Nordman Det Sista Du Ser(CD, Single) Sonet 576 034-2 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version
576 212-2 Nordman - På Mossen album art Nordman På Mossen(CD, Single) Sonet 576 212-2 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version
CDS 10512, 577 704-2 Nordman - Be Mig album art Nordman Be Mig(CD, Single) Sonet, Sonet CDS 10512, 577 704-2 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version
569 174-2 Nordman - Se Dig Själv album art Nordman Se Dig Själv(CD, Single) Sonet 569 174-2 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
569 348-2 Nordman - Hjälp Mig Att Leva album art Nordman Hjälp Mig Att Leva(CD, Single) Sonet 569 348-2 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
SONPROCD44 Nordman - Reservat album art Nordman Reservat(CD, Single, Promo) Sonet SONPROCD44 Sweden 2001 Sell This Version
334 22151 Nordman - Ödet Var Min Väg album art Nordman Ödet Var Min Väg(CD, Single) Bonnier Music 334 22151 Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
334 22281 Nordman - Allt Eller Ingenting album art Nordman Allt Eller Ingenting(CD, Single) Bonnier Music 334 22281 Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
Nordmanpromocds 1 Nordman - Ta Mig För Den Jag Är album art Nordman Ta Mig För Den Jag Är(CD, Single, Promo) Bonnier Music Nordmanpromocds 1 Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
FP0601 Nordman - Julen För Mig album art Nordman Julen För Mig(CDr, Single, Promo) Records FP0601 Sweden 2006 Sell This Version
Nordman - Du Behöver album art Nordman Du Behöver (Single) Records Sweden 2007 Sell This Version
334 23981 Nordman - Livet Som En Värsting album art Rastegar Feat. Nordman Rastegar Feat. Nordman - Livet Som En Värsting(CD, Single) Bonnier Music 334 23981 Sweden 2007 Sell This Version
Nordman - I Lågornas Sken album art Nordman I Lågornas Sken (Single, Maxi) Records Sweden 2008 Sell This Version
Nordman - Längtan album art Nordman & Jessica Andersson Nordman & Jessica Andersson - Längtan (Single) Records Sweden 2008

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