Tania Azze

Real Name:
Tania Figeuiredo Azze
Tania AZZE has stood out in the music scene with her distinctive voice, expressing her passion for Jazz, R & B and rockabilly in a show of visceral interpretations versions of some of the biggest hits and also with their own compositions.

The story of Tania AZZE with the arts began early. As a child was part of classical dance groups and as of Lebanese descent, discovered her vocation for oriental dance, coming to work for over ten years as a professional dancer. Her contact with different rhythms and cultures lit his aptitude for music.

She studied piano lessons, guitar and singing inspired by the artists she heard at home. Always guided by the fifties and sixties, assimilated the sentimental side of Janis Joplin, the delicacy suffered divas like Billie Holliday, Elis Regina, Ella Fitzgerald and vocal firmness of Etta James, Anita O'Day and Imelda May.

In social network Melody Box drew attention for her style and avant-garde jazz blues. In the jazz category of the site, spawned the first places according to a vote of Internet and was awarded recording her first music copyright "After Kicks", accompanied by the miners musicians Humberto Lima (drums), Diego Santiago (guitar), Sandro Verissimo (keyboard), Luciano Correa (sax and flute) and Matthew Mozelli (low).

So this Mining jazz fan has also sign his talent in the music scene. In February 2012, through the Women's Voices Collection, the Melody Box prepared a selection of the best female voices of today. The copyright music After Kicks part of this project.

☛ has participated in several TV shows, As National Journal and MGTV muna story about Amy Winehouse's death horizon Globo TV Network, Network Gerais, Brazil Way, Bandeirantes. Won third place in the French song festival 2013.

☛ At the end of 2013 released their EP QUOTES, where she plays several jazz classics and international Blues and has been performing in Belo Horizonte and several cities in the repertoire of this EP, intersperse with other songs from her repertoire and prepares for recording from his new album, with songs and readings copyright of Brazilian music by the label Ultra Music, directed by Barral Lima and Carlos Eduardo Miranda.


Singles & EPs

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