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Riot is a hard rock / heavy metal band from New York City formed in 1975 by Mark Reale (Brooklyn, June 7, 1955 – San Antonio, January 25, 2012)
After his death the remaining members formed Riot V the new incarnation of the band. Also see Rick Ventura's band, Riot Act (12)

Please only put releases up to 2012 on this page, use the Riot V page for releases after 2012

Last Line-up as Riot:
Tony Moore - vocals
Mark Reale - guitar
Mike Flyntz - guitar
Don Van Stavern - bass
Bobby Jarzombek - drums

Past Members:
Mike Tirelli - vocals
Rhett Forrester - vocals
Guy Speranza - vocals
Mike DiMeo - vocals
Rick Ventura - guitar
L.A. Kouvaris - guitar
Kip Leming - bass
Jimmy Iommi - bass
Phil Fiet - bass
Pete Perez - bass
Bobby Rondinelli - drums
John Macaluso - drums
Mark Edwards - drums
Sandy Slavin - drums
Peter Bitelli - drums , Facebook
Aliases:Riot V
Members:Bobby Jarzombek, Bobby Rondinelli, Don Van Stavern, Frank Gilchriest, Guy Speranza, Harry Conklin, Jimmy Iommi, John Macaluso, Kip Leming, L.A. Kouvaris, Mark Edwards (15), Mark Reale, Mike Dimeo, Mike Flyntz, Mike Tirelli, Nick Lee (4), Pat Magrath, Pete Perez, Peter Bitelli, Phil Feit
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