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The Corrupted Morals were formed about 1986 in Palmdale, California and was one of the original 924 Gilman Street bands. They originally consisted of Rick (vocals), Dan (guitar), Ray (guitar), Roman (bass), and Jose (drums). Their first release was a 7", called the 'Chet' EP. The band later added Joel (bass - only for the 'Chet' 7") and Larry LaLonde (ex Possessed - joined after 'Chet'). Ray left at some point after the 'Chet' EP was released. Rick, Dan, Ray, Joel (substituting for Roman) and Jose recorded the 'Chet' EP in June of 1987, but wasn't released until January 1988 on Lookout! Records. It was the second Lookout! release. Later, they also released on Lookout! their 'Cheese It' LP. 'Cheese It' featured Rick, Roman, Jose, Dan, and Larry. They also produced a very limited record, 'Think About It' 7" on Very Small Records, VSR 01. Corrupted Morals were also on several compilations. Corrupted Morals broke up sometime in 1990. Larry Lalonde then went on to play in Primus.

Members:Dan Boland, Joel Wing, Jose Mariscol, Larry LaLonde, Mick Connolly, Ray Sebastian, Rick Morgan (2), Roman De Salvo
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