Frau Suurbier

A Fun-Punk Band Founded in 1981 by Cäpt’n Suurbier (Michael Wahler), Tom Suurbier (Thomas Mindach) & Hans Suurbier (Hans Runge) their Band represents a imaginary Family (Suurbier's).
Tom Suurbier left the Band in 1982.
he was replaced for a short stint of time by Bela B. with the alias Dirk Geröllheimer, from Hans second Band Die Ärzte on the Drums
later In 1982 they released the Split-Tape D.T.J.* + Frau Suurbier - Live Im Flöz which contains a Live-recording and 4 Demo-Songs of them.
they also recorded some Songs for the 1983 Sampler Various - Ein Vollrausch In Stereo * 20 Schäumende Stimmungshits (on which Hans played in the Bands: Frau Suurbier, Die Ärzte & Tangobrüder).
During that recordings they met Wolfgang Rohde who shortly after became the Drummer with the alias Grandmaster Suurbier.
December 1983 Frau Suurbier won the „Berlin Rock News“ Contest, the prize was a recording Session at the Beat-Studio, Berlin where they recorded 3 Demo-Songs who only got released unofficial in 1984 Die Suurbiers - Demo.
In 1984 Hans left the Band and was replaced by Stink McSuurbier (Thomas Baumgarte)
They changed their name into Die Suurbiers mid 1984
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none Frau Suurbier - Live Im Flöz album art D.T.J.* + Frau Suurbier D.T.J.* + Frau Suurbier - Live Im Flöz(Cass) 007 Tapes none Germany 1982 Sell This Version
SC 004 Frau Suurbier - Live Im NOX 1984 Plus Demos 1984 album art Frau Suurbier Live Im NOX 1984 Plus Demos 1984(Cass, Club, Ltd, Num) Verein Für Suurbier-Kultur Und Handwerk SC 004 Germany 2017 Sell This Version

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