Celio González

Real Name:Celio Adán González Ascencio

Cuban singer. Born 21. January, 1924 in Camajuaní, Cuba, died 17. October, 2004 Ciudad de México, Mexico. He was one of the featured solo singers with the Cuban super group La Sonora Matancera. He left Cuba in 1959 never to return again. He settled down in Mexico and recorded for various labels in the continental Americas. He was a well-known interpreter of boleros and his recording career lasted until the 80s. His nicknames included "El flaco de oro" (The Golden Skinny) and "El Satanás de Cuba" (Satan Of Cuba).

In Groups:Celio Gonzales Y Su Conjunto, Celio Gonzalez Y Su Orquesta, La Sonora Matancera, Celio Gonzalez Y Sus Cubiches
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