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Members along the time :
Robin Masters, Kai Matthiesen, Judith Hildebrandt, Daniela Haak, Sir Prophet Of Funk, Delroy Rennalls, Nadia, Myra
The project was led by Robin Masters and Kai Matthiesen. There were many vocalists over the years: Judith Hildebrandt (AKA T Seven) who left the project in 2000. Daniela Haak (AKA Lady Danii) who also appeared in Kai Matthiesen's project Reset (4). Rapper Sir Prophet Of Funk who was kicked out of the project when the two girls refused to work with him anymore because of his attitude after the success of "Up 'n' Away". Follow-up rapper Delroy Rennalls (AKA Lazy D). A female singer called Nadia who was supposed to take the place of T Seven but didn't stay for long: her part was given to Myra who did background-vocals for Mr. President before and was also involved to the project Paffendorf.

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Members:Anne Schröder, Danii, Delroy Rennalls, George E. Jones, Judith Hildebrandt, Kai Matthiesen, Myriam Beckmann, Robert Meister
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