Karl O. Olgeirsson

Real Name:
Karl Olgeir Olgeirsson
Karl Olgeirsson (Karl Olgeir Olgeirsson) 21.10.1972

"I was born in 1972. Since I picked up a guitar in early childhood I have been writing songs. In high-school I found myself playing the piano in various bands. University introduced me to choral music, classical music, musicals and jazz amongst other things. In my twenties I worked hard in all sorts of musical areas. In theaters, live music, studios. Pop, folk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, country, you name it. I even taught jazz piano for a couple of years. In 2009 I moved to Abba-land to change the scenery and meet other musicians. I'm living there still.

Although songwriting is my passion I quickly discovered the recording producer in me, I knew what I liked and how to get there. I've produced about 35 albums and counting (who's counting anyway). Often I get involved in the songwriting part.
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