Philip Chevron

Real Name:
Philip Thomas Ryan
Philip Chevron
Born: June 17th 1957 Dublin, Ireland.
Died: October 8th 2013 Dublin, Ireland.
Chevron is best known for his work playing guitar, banjo and mandolin with "The Pogues", but in the mid 1970s Philip became mesmerized by the blossoming punk movement and he joined Ireland's first punk band "The Radiators From Space".

Philip joined the Pogues to play banjo replacing Jem Finer for a while, but he stayed in the band because Shane didn't want to play guitar anymore. Chevron has also played with Mary Coughlan and did a solo version of "Thousands Are Sailing" for the soundtrack to a BBC documentary about Irish music called "Bringing It All Back Home". He left The Pogues in 1994 because he wanted to get back to more traditional Irish music.
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