Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat

Real Name:
Keith Douglas Sweat
Born 22nd July 1961, New York, U.S.A.
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Keith Sweat Discography


60763-1 Keith Sweat Make It Last Forever (Album) Elektra, Vintertainment 60763-1 Australia 1987 Sell This Version
7559-60861-2, E2 60861 Keith Sweat I'll Give All My Love To You (Album) Elektra, Vintertainment 7559-60861-2, E2 60861 US 1990 Sell This Version
EKCD 6195 Keith Sweat Keep It Comin' (Album) Elektra EKCD 6195 South Africa 1991 Sell This Version
EKCD 6225 Keith Sweat Get Up On It (Album) Elektra EKCD 6225 South Africa 1994 Sell This Version
61707-1 Keith Sweat Keith Sweat (Album) Elektra 61707-1 US 1996 Sell This Version
7559623422 Keith Sweat Still In The Game (Album) Elektra 7559623422 Australia 1998 Sell This Version
AMCY-7164 Keith Sweat Didn't See Me Coming (Album) Elektra AMCY-7164 Japan 2000 Sell This Version
PRCD-1563 Keith Sweat S&S Sampler(CD, Smplr) Elektra PRCD-1563 US 2000 Sell This Version
7559-62785-2 Keith Sweat Rebirth (Album) Elektra 7559-62785-2 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
7559-62855-2 Keith Sweat Live(CD, Album) Elektra 7559-62855-2 Germany 2003 Sell This Version
826663-10477 Keith Sweat Sweat Hotel Live(CD) Shout! Factory 826663-10477 US 2007 Sell This Version
R2 374352 Keith Sweat A Christmas Of Love(CD, Album) Rhino Records (2) R2 374352 US 2007 Sell This Version
R2 106556 Keith Sweat Just Me (Album) ATCO Records R2 106556 US 2008 Sell This Version
KEGT000010 Keith Sweat Ridin' Solo(CD, Album) Kedar Entertainment KEGT000010 US 2010 Sell This Version
EDM-CD 6451 Keith Sweat 'til The Morning (Album) eOne Music EDM-CD 6451 US 2011 Sell This Version
88985306252 Keith Sweat Dress To Impress(CD, Album) KDS Entertainment 88985306252 US 2016 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

STA 8001 Keith Sweat Lucky Seven (Stay As You Are) (Single) Stadium STA 8001 US 1984 Sell This Version
STA 303 Keith Sweat My Mind Is Made Up (Single) Stadium STA 303 US 1985 Sell This Version
7-69431 Keith Sweat I Want Her (Single) Vintertainment, Elektra 7-69431 US 1987 Sell This Version
7-69386 Keith Sweat Make It Last Forever (Single) Elektra 7-69386 US 1987 Sell This Version
PR 8034-2 Keith Sweat Don't Stop Your Love (Single) Elektra PR 8034-2 US 1987 Sell This Version
7-69411 Keith Sweat Something Just Ain't Right (Single) Vintertainment, Elektra 7-69411 US 1987 Sell This Version
ED 5412, ED-5412 Entouch (2) Featuring Keith Sweat Entouch (2) Featuring Keith Sweat - All Nite Elektra ED 5412, ED-5412 US 1989 Sell This Version
7559-66630-0 Keith Sweat Make You Sweat (Maxi, Single) Elektra 7559-66630-0 Germany 1990 Sell This Version
PRCD 8321-2 Keith Sweat Your Love-Part 1 & 2 (Single, Maxi) Elektra PRCD 8321-2 US 1990 Sell This Version