Pilgrim (13)

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Singer songwriter Beau Roberson is a rapidly rising star in Tulsa. He leads the band Pilgrim who had a long standing Sunday gig at The Colony bar in Tulsa, OK for a solid 3 years starting in 2008. This recurring gig was instrumental in the development of the band with the result being an incredibly tight live unit with a solid fan base that grew with the band as they evolved. It's more of that Tulsa music mixing rock, funk, country, and blues with a high-energy, tight delivery. Don't miss their live show.

Their debut album is a live recording from The Colony in Tulsa, OK. The sound quality is fantastic and the performance is extremely tight, with great ambient sounds all around from the The Colony bar. Pilgrim music is an eclectic Tulsa appropriate mix of classic sounds. You have your rock, your funk, your blues and your country. The resulting sound is wholly original but if comparisons must be made some would say Pilgrim at times reminds them of J.J. Cale, Wilco, John Prine, and even Widespread Panic. The lyrical phrasing often reminds one of Jeff Tweedy’s way with words and at times softer delivery. However, the deep growls or bellows might remind one of WSP’s John Bell. Also like these bands the full Pilgrim sound is lush and organic with bass and organ grooves laying the groundwork with tasty fluid guitar runs over the top of it all.


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