Augustus Pablo

Real Name:Horace Swaby

Jamaican reggae melodica and keyboard player, producer, and label owner.

Born June 21, 1954 in St. Andrew, Jamaica, he learn to play piano, organ, clarinet and xylophone and popularised the melodica in Reggae music.
For his first recordings he began working with Herman Chin-Loy, who regularly used the pseudonym "Augustus Pablo" to credit his B-sides (e.g. Big Thing / Jughead or Reggae In The Fields), so Horace decided to keep the name for himself !
His collaboration King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown was crucial in the development of Dub.
He ran the "Rockers HIFI" sound system with his brother "Garth".
He ran the labels Rockers, Message, Hot Stuff (3), Pablo International, Yard Music, Rockers International and Pablo Records (3).
Open a records shop in 1974 (Rockers international record shop, 135 orange street) owned by his brother and his good friend Michael "Freckles" McKenzie aka Micko)

He died May 18, 1999 in Kingston, Jamaica after a long battle with health problems related to a nerve disorder.

A 'PABLO' tag etched in the run-out area of Jamaican records often refers to Augustus Pablo productions, however a similar etching on pressings from Dynamic Sounds Recording Co. Ltd. would indicate mastering engineer Pablo (77) instead.

Sites:Google , Wikipedia , Who Sampled , Facebook
Aliases:Horace Swaby, Ras Levi
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