Fabian Potter

Mixing since: Late 80s
Producing since: Early 90s

Music Style:

Owner of:
Night Groove Records
Brok'n Beatz Records
Fark Records
Black Sheep Production (co-founder DJ Player)
Cripple Soul Freaks (co-founder Bülent Karakus)

Producing under:
Fabian won't elaborate, hasn't even revealed to his closest friends..

Growing up in Switzerland placed Fabian Potter at the forefront of the European Dance Scene. He was fortunate to begin his DJ career at the rise of the underground movement in the late 80s. Playing at a young age in all kind of underground parties and clubs, gave him the opportunity to become one of the upcoming DJs. He's also known under different DJ names such as PSYKO, GABBER MANIAC, THE GABBER MANIACS, THE GABBERCHILD, CHAZEE, etc

In 1993, together with his mate Bülent Karakus, he set up his own party organization called CRIPPLE SOUL FREAKS. They decided to organize a new style of raves, to advance and open their horizons to the dance culture.

In 1995, he joined forces with DJ Player and founded BLACK SHEEP PRODUCTION. Their goal was to move away from the commercial scene and return to the roots; illegal underground dance parties.

Finally he founded NIGHT GROOVE RECORDS (Electro/House), and sub-labels BROK'N BEATZ RECORDS (Drum&Bass/Breakbeats), FARK RECORDS (Hardcore/Gabber), as a sign of better things to come. The record labels have its main focus on featuring innovative sound tracks.

Fabian Potter continued to develop his music style while playing at many different venues all over Europe and the rest of this globe. He likes to rock the crowd with his hard edge style no matter what genre he plays.

Fabian's most memorable events were the Loveparade in Germany and the Street Parade in Switzerland, where close to 1 million people raved through the streets. Besides his gigs at raves and open air festivals, he still enjoys spinning his tunes in clubs, where he personally thinks, you get even a better atmosphere and relationship with the crowd.

Fabian Potter Discography Tracks


BTTR002 Fabian Potter Sounds Of The Past(CD, Mixed) Night Groove Records (NGR) BTTR002 2003 Sell This Version
BTTR001 Fabian Potter Saturday Night Lounge Vol.1(CD, Mixed) Night Groove Records (NGR) BTTR001 2003 Sell This Version
BTTR003 Fabian Potter Saturday Night Lounge Vol.2(CD, Mixed) Night Groove Records (NGR) BTTR003 2004 Sell This Version
BTTR004 Fabian Potter Rewind - Digitally Remastered Vol.1(CD, Mixed) Night Groove Records (NGR) BTTR004 2005 Sell This Version
BTTR006 Fabian Potter Rewind - Digitally Remastered Vol.3(CD, Mixed) Night Groove Records (NGR) BTTR006 2005 Sell This Version
BTTR005 Fabian Potter Rewind - Digitally Remastered Vol.2(CD, Mixed) Night Groove Records (NGR) BTTR005 2005 Sell This Version