Giorgio Moroder

Real Name:Giovanni Giorgio Moroder

Italian musician, composer, arranger, producer, performer and DJ born on April 26, 1940 in Ortisei, Bolzano, Italy, and currently living in Los Angeles (USA). A winner of 3 Academy Awards, 3 Grammy Awards & 3 Golden Globes, Moroder is considered one of the most innovative and influential musicians in electronic and disco music. He founded the Oasis label and Musicland Studios. In the 1970s he invented the Munich Sound (often confused with Italo-Disco which will arrive later) and created the first iconic releases with Donna Summer and Roberta Kelly. Today, he is back to DJing for passion. He was called Hansjörg by his mother. , , Bandcamp , , Facebook , Imdb , Instagram , , Soundcloud , Soundcloud , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:Einzelgänger (2), Hans Thiesel, Johnny Schilling, Musicland Set, Stammer The Hammer, The Beepers (2)
In Groups:Children Of The Mission, Common Cause (3), George E Il Suo Complesso, Giorgio And The Morodians, Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder Project, Inter-Mission, Munich Machine, Orchestra Moroder, Orchester Mr. Moroder And The Giovanni Singers, Rock Romance, Spinach (3), Stop Studio Group, The Banana Crew, The Great Unknowns
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