Real Name:
Michael Andre Lewis (M. André)
Mandré was the alter ego of Andre Lewis.
When Maxayn disbanded, Lewis signed a contract with Motown Records and developed the persona of Mandré. While Maxayn had been playing gospel and soul, Mandré was Andre's project to add electronic elements and also shift the sound toward more spacey funk and disco.
In both his albums and live performances, Mandré was represented as the "mystery man from outer space". His face was always hidden behind a futuristic mask, which made him look like a robot.
Mandré was promoted by Motown as being "funkier than Parliament". However, after 3 albums which went largely unnoticed, Lewis ended his relationship with the label to pursue independent production. He retained the rights and title to the Mandré name and released a final album ("Mandré 4") by himself in 1980.
Mandré - Loft Classics Volume 6 album art Various Solar Flight (Opus 1) Interlude Various - Loft Classics Volume 6 Loft Classics US 1995 Sell This Version
OTL 22 Mandré - Split 10" Vol.1 album art Various Watusa Dub (as Mandre) Various - Split 10" Vol.1(10") Out To Lunch OTL 22 Germany 2016 Sell This Version
Mandré - DiskoFunk Breaks album art Various Freak Is Fine Various - DiskoFunk Breaks Studio 76 Unknown Sell This Version


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December 25, 2012
Considering the level of achievement that reached Detroit Techno in history, it still astonishes me that very few know about the music from Mandré, the Man From Outter Space. Precursor of many things to come, Michael Andre Lewis settled through Motown (through where he released his three first solo LPs) the pillars of Deep Space kind of electronic music, and I believe you know very well what I'm talking about. His four solo albums are priceless and timeless accomplishments of future music, with the hottest approach of Soul, Funk & Tech you can possibly imagine.

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