Art Of Trance transition-metal

July 14, 2013
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I wouldn't class Art of Trance as prog house, his style was was trance/acid and i agree with Mostrum, some of his best tracks of his are Octopus, seadog & Easter Island & Kaleidoscope,which was the first plat record i ever purchased, the cover art for the record is quiet reflective of the music and is what made me notice it in the record store way back in 1997. This was real trance music as it should be rather than than the fake trance that Tiesto made that became popular in the late 90';s and consequently led to the genre losing credibilty in the early 2000's. Good Trance music is emotive it can transport you to a place and conjure up an image or a place in your mind without the need for lyrics, listen to the original mix of Kaleidoscope, close your and you will be transported, this may sound silly but when i listen to kaleidoscope i imagine a secret enchanted forest visited by aliens who visit and communicate with the wildlife, you may think of something else when you listen to it as everybody is different, but i think it helps to have an active imagination!!!

Art Of Trance dogbrain555

September 1, 2010
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Great Progressive House producer.

Art Of Trance matt_bassline

September 10, 2010
It's difficult to understand why you would consider Simon Berry to be a Progressive House master. This alias is even called Art Of Trance, not Art Of Progressive House.
For the originators of Progressive House you need to look at labels and artists such as Limbo Records, Junior Boy's Own, Lionrock, Leftfield, Sasha, John Digweed, etc.
I'm not saying that Simon Berry is not a fantastic producer, but you need to understand that he was one of the originators of Trance in the UK, and nothing much to do with the Prog House scene at that time.

Art Of Trance as reviewed by Nostrum

February 26, 2006
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Fantastic artist, pure class if you ask me. Great energy and depth in all of his productions. His music works fine on the dancefloor, but is also nice for relaxing. He´s produced quite a few classics during his career. My absolute favorite is Kaleidoscope, I can´t describe in words how much I love that tune. It has been remixed over and over again, but still the original is the best. I also like Octopus and Mosquito, two great tunes that makes me wanna dance. If you are a trance-lover and never heard anything made by this guy, you´ve really missed out on something...