Influenced by sounds of the 80's, 90's, and 00's, N-Tension blends elements of classic pop, rock and alternative. From soaring guitars to infectious harmonies and synth hooks, N-Tension offers a nostalgic yet fresh sound blending past and present. N-Tension released new music in 2023 after a multi-decade hiatus.

N-Tension formed in 1986 in Oklahoma City as a studio group writing and producing original music in their own project studio. Founding members were Greg Smith (guitars, production), Graham Easterly (keyboards, percussion, production), Tyler Larson (lead guitar), Kenny Murray (vocals) and Kelly Caviness (drums, vocals). Their project studio was somewhat unique at the time as it featured multi-track audio recording combined with sequencers, keyboards and MIDI-sync capabilities. Radio American was the first song written and produced in that project studio and was selected to be the first song on KATT Tracks Vol 1. The original N-Tension project disbanded by 1990, but Greg Smith resurrected N-Tension as an ongoing virtual studio project of original pop/rock/electronic music, featuring a rotating cast of collaborators and performers including most of the original members. Radio American was re-recorded and released to major streaming platforms in Feb 2023.


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