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American experimental artist and producer, active since 1981. With Debbie Jaffe, McGee operated the Cause And Effect cassette label and distributor in Indianapolis, Indiana. In the mid-1980's, McGee recorded works as a member of Viscera, solo as Dog As Master, and in collaboration with If, Bwana and JABON.

McGee moved to Florida in 1988, where he operated the Electronic Cottage label out of Gainesville, FL, simultaneously with an Electronic Cottage Magazine into the 1990's. This was restarted as an online zine and community in April 2018.

In the mid to late 1990's, McGee released dozens of cassettes of homemade experimental music, solo and in collaboration with Jeph Jerman, Brian Noring (EHI), Big City Orchestra, Emil Hagstrom (Cock E.S.P.), Charles Rice Goff III and others. He also produced a series of "Tape Heads" cassette compilations on his own HalTapes label.

In the late 1990's and early 2000's Hal McGee started releasing homemade CDr albums. During this time he collaborated heavily with Brian Noring of the FDR Tapes, in person and via mail collaboration, and with his long-time partner Chris Phinney. In 2006, with the encouragement of Andrew Chadwick and Christopher Miller (2), McGee began performing live for the first time since 1987, joining the ranks of Florida's live noise/experimental music scene. From 2014 to 2015 Hal operated a new label, Kassette Kult Tapes, and has contributed to Exit (16). He continues to release music on the [lHalTapes] label.

Since 2008 Hal has hosted a numbered series of live performances from his apartment called Apartment Music. Attendance is limited mostly to participants but documentation is posted on his YouTube channel, and some live audio recordings have been released. , Bandcamp , Vimeo , YouTube
Aliases:Captain Mission, Dog As Master, Jolifanto Karawane, Occupant (3), The Stipulator
In Groups:Army Brats, Burnt Circuits, Bwana Dog, Canned Ham, Goonz, Straphangers' Art Ensemble, Swamp Patrol, The Analog Synthesizer Ensemble, The Concrete Etendue, The Mudshits, Viscera
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