Gustavo Sanchez Galarraga


Cuban poet and playwright (La Habana, 2 Feb.1893 - 4 Nov. 1934) . His poetic work, of extraordinary musical delicacy, is also characterized by its measured concessions to sentimentality. Among his most prominent poetic titles are "La fuente matinal", "La barca sonora", "Cancionero de la vida" or "Humo azul". He also successfully cultivated the theatrical genre, and premiered several pieces in La Habana that earned him recognition. Some of his best-known dramatic works are "El héroe", "Carmen", "El mundo de los muñecos" or "La verdad de la vida". Sánchez Galarraga notably increased his popularity as a result of the close collaboration he maintained with the Cuban pianist and musical composer Ernesto Lecuona, for whom he composed the lyrics of numerous songs like "El Batey", "El Cafetal", "Rosa China", "lola Cruz", María la O", "Funeral", "Soy Razonable", "Desengaño", "Madrigal", "La Hermana", "Ya sé que me Olvidaste", "Por allá se ha ido", "Vestal Serena" or "Bajo el Claro de la Luna" ,




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