B.G. The Prince Of Rap

Real Name:Bernard Greene

Born September 28, 1965, Washington D.C., USA,
Died January 21, 2023, Wiesbaden, Germany

B.G. The Prince Of Rap was an American rapper and Eurodance artist.

He joined the army after his graduation and served in Germany (1985). He began to be interested in rap music and started to perform in rapping competitions in Frankfurt. He won several which gave him his stage name "The Prince Of Rap". His first official single, "Rap to the World", scored big in German clubs. It was followed by "Give Me The Music" and "Take Control Of The Party". A first official album followed, "The Power Of Rhythm" in 1991.

His success began with the growing popularity of Eurodance. "This Beat Is Hot" and "Can We Get Enough" started to be played in North America. "The Colour Of My Dreams", a collaboration with Paris Red, was probably the biggest hit of that period (1994). All further singles and albums were mostly unnoticed.

Aliases:Bernard Greene
In Groups:90 Lovers


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